15 Words to Exclude from Resume in 2019

Writing an outstanding resume it is not an easy process and you already knew, how hard it could be due to different reasons. Hiring managers are trying to find the best candidates for their positions. At the same time, job seekers are trying to get the best offers they could get.

resume 2019 things to remove

An outstanding resume is really more important than you could ever expect. That’s why we are going to talk about how to craft your resume according to the latest rules. To be more specific we are going to talk today about which words could make your resume are not as professional as it could be. That’s not going to be about buzz boards, it’s more about which words you should not use in your resume 2019.

As you have already understood, below you would find a list of words which are better to exclude from your resume. That does not mean, that such words would weaken your resume, it’s more about the feelings of a hiring manager who is going to read your resume.

1. Not employed

More and more candidates are trying to hide their unemployment periods. You don’t need to show it in your resume because of many reasons. Hiring managers are not satisfied when they could see “unemployed” in your resume.

Even though, there are some specific resume formats, which could help you to conceal your unemployment periods. Read more and you could find the most relevant resume template for you.

2. Hard Worker

Nobody cares about how hard you work. There only one way to prove it – is the show a real results during the probation period. That’s why it’s not really a good idea to show search buzzwords in your resume.

So, our advice is not to use these phrases in any resume you are going to write.

3. Quick learner

Each person could learn fast. It depends so many reasons. It’s not more about how to impress recruiter, it’s more about how let him/her check how really fast you could learn.

4. MS Words or MS Excel

Stop doing the same mistake. Microsoft Office package is a must have skill of any candidate who is applying for office or any administrative position.

If you still believe, that heron and Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel skill is something incredible and would help you to stand out from a crowd, you are fully mistaken. it’s not something, which you could impress a hiring manager. it’s a must-have thing.

5. Irrelevant skills

Don’t try to waste free space in your resume. Don’t include completely irrelevant skills, which would not even help hiring manager to understand why do you really need them.

If you can drink 5 cans of beer in one hour, that’s not what you should include to your resume. There is no need to brag. You are writing only relevant skills, which could somehow tell a recruiter what are your strengths and how you could use them on your new place of work.

6. Resume Objective

Resume objective is a fool outdated thing, which you could find, most likely, in old resume. Today’s candidates are not using resume objective in their resumes. They are more likely to use resume summary.

So, if somebody is suggesting you to include objectives to your resume, you’d better to read right resume 2019 format guide and make your decision right way.

7. References

Do you still believe that hiring manager would ask you about references in your resume? If they would really need to check out any information about your candidacy, they would better call your hiring manager on the previous place of work.

There are no any doubts, that they will do that way. Nobody needs your phrase like “references available upon request” – it’s old-fashioned thing. Don’t even try to irritate hiring managers including that phrase in your resume.

8. Hobbies

Nobody cares about your hobbies. that’s a reality! who really would like to know what are your hobbies? Nobody!

Writing about your hobbies, you waste a place in your resume for more important things you could include to your resume. Simply don’t do that!

9. According to cover letter

Some candidates are including parts of their cover letters in their resumes. That is not the best practice you should follow.

If you need to write an outstanding cover letter, it’s better to do it separately from a resume.

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