A Power of Keywords in Resume 2019

Does your resume really need those keywords all job seekers and hiring managers talking about? Most of applicants would say – it’s a new myth or something unnecessary to pay your attention. Include proper keywords to your resume 2019. It’s important part of any resume or cover letter you are going to write.

Today’s recruitment approaches are too optimized. Even if you prepared and write an outstanding resume, it doesn’t mean that hiring manager would be even able to scan it. Most of big companies are using applicant tracking systems to sort candidates. Your resume would be easily scanned and if it includes some keywords (or synonymous) – your resume will be redirected to HR’s mailbox. If not – you don’t have chances even to take part in competition with other applicants. Simply, because hiring manager even hasn’t seen it in mailbox. Sometimes, you face the brutal facts, but that’s how it works.

ATS resume 2019

resume 2019 with keywords

ATS optimized resume

Keywords optimized 2019 resume

Including keywords to resume – It really works?

As we have already mentioned above – right keywords, included to your resume 2019 can land you to the desired position. If you would ask us what to do and whether you need to add keywords to a resume or not, we would say – to include. But, do not overstuff your resume with tons of keywords. If you would do that – it simply wouldn’t be possible to read.

Part 1. ATS – not hard to hack.

Let us tell you bit more details on how it works. From that point of time, when your resume already sent to a hiring manager, till that point of time, when your resume is already in HR’s inbox. It also called “ATS mile”. Pretty common and easy process. You are happy, you have found an outstanding job ad. You do believe that you are the best candidate to fit that position.

How it actually works. You send resume to HR mailbox, or apply a resume to an application form. You still believe that your resume must be seen. You still waiting for any respond. Clock is ticking. Nobody answer. What’s going on, you would ask?
Nothing good! There are two ways what was probably happened with your resume. The first one (if your resume is strong enough and you are a good candidate) – less unlikely, but still possible that hiring manager read your resume and decided to pick another candidate.

Seems like an ATS system is working there. Applicant tracking systems are using to save HR’s time. They are scanning your resume for specific keywords. If there are no required size of keywords in your resume – it simply goes into trash pile. Because machine’s algorithm is tailored only for specific resume keywords. That’s why it’s so important to include resume keywords 2019 to get more chances to bee even seen by HR.

Part 2. Right balance. Make resume easy to read

You need to understand that not all applied resumes are going to be scanned by a recruiter. At the same time, those which were passed ATS systems, still need to be able to be read by hiring manager. Our goal is not only to pass an applicant tracking system. Our goal is to deliver good quality resume, which is easy to read. Which is not a list of keywords.

You need to pay your attention to keywords saturation. If it’s too high, most likely – it’s going to be hard to read. Moreover, HR’s are not so stupid nowadays. They will easily be understood that you tried to hack the system. It’s possible to achieve, but you are following a bit another goal – to get an invitation for an interview.

Resume Keywords 2019 – New Approaches

There are tons of different specific keywords, which you can use in your resume. There is only one barrier you can probably face – not all of them could suit your niche or desired position, which you would like to get. Not all keywords in your resume could be relevant and not all of them could be recognized by hiring manager. There are some techniques, which could help you to increase your chances not only to go through ATS system, but keep your resume 2019 still relevant and easy to read for reader.

Based on what position you are going to apply, you would need to include different types of keywords. It’s not something new and most likely you did that before, but now it’s more about what and how many keywords should be presented in a good resume 2019.
When we’re talking about different position, let us show you some examples. We decided to pick some positions to show you how some keywords could be important if they are already included.

List of resume keywords for marketing manager position:

  • Digital/ Internet Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Brand Strategy and Acquisition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Market Research

And many more other related keywords, which are easy to recognize. Even such keywords are obvious for you, they play an important role for machine scanning.

How to use a right resume keywords 2019

As you have already understood, the main problem here is an ATS systems from one side and HR, who is going to read your resume from the other side. Your goal is to pass through an ATS and provide not overstaffed with keywords resume to reader. It’s not an easy task to do, because it should be easy to read and well structured.

One of the really outstanding techniques we suggesting during our webinars is – job post keywords. When you are seeking for a new job, you are scanning different job postings. Each of them is different by their descriptions, but most of them have keywords inside. How to define such keywords? It’s hard to do. For example, it could be some acronyms in job ad, or name of the tools you would need to know how to deal with. Another good sample could be a certificate included in your resume.

There are tons of different ways on how you can add proper keywords to your resume 2019. The only one thing you need to keep into you mind – do not use buzzwords. They could destroy your resume in seconds and make it look unprofessional. Try to avoid them.