8 Mistakes to remove from your resume in 2019

The hiring process is not an easy work. They are looking for the best candidates. If you are ready to lose your chance even on resume scanning stage – you can easily do that. But, you can try to change the situation.

Each resume is a kind of marketing tool for a candidate. If you know how to use ir right way – you would have much more chances to attract the hiring manager’s attention. But at the same time, well-written resume can be like a red color for bull. Today we decided to grab the most common mistakes job seekers does, writing their resumes. We collect them all together to share with you. Now you’ll know what is bad to do and how to omit such mistakes.

1. Unprofessional email accounts

E-mail address is a part of your resume. It’s the next door, where potential hiring manager is going to knock, after scanning your CV. Do you really want them to see your email, which was done in college?

  • Don’t use weird or sexual stuff in your email address.
  • Don’t use your ex-corporate email address.
  • It’s not good idea to use somebody’s email.

If you still don’t have your own email address – create it! There are tons of different mailboxes. The best example of professional email address could be something alike NameSurname@domail.com

2. Proofread your resume

The biggest mistake you do, if you don’t proofread your resume before attach it to apply form or send to HR. They would never forgive you that. Spelling mistakes – the worst thing could happen with you. If you didn’t find enough time to read your resume twice, hiring manager would never believe that you are attentive to details. Or any other soft skill or buzzwords you decided to include to your resume.

If something unbelievable happens and you have made grammar mistakes – it’s better to leave your resume closed on your laptop. Nobody could ever believe, that you don’t know how to use spell and grammar checker tools.

3. Drunk Party resume photos

Nobody could ask you to include photo to your resume. And there is no reason to do that, if nobody ask. But, still there are some candidates believe that – they would have much more chances, if they could include photo to their resume.
Somehow, that’s true. If hiring manager is seeking candidate for such position alike waiter or model – you have much more chances, if you would have your photo included to a resume. BUT it should be a business photo. It’s not acceptable at all to add your bikini selfies.

4. Voicemail to check up

There are some really strong resumes with outstanding people, until hiring manager will call and hear unprofessional voicemail. After that, your great chances to get this job reduce in times. Do you really need that?
If your cell was already added to your resume, please, pay attention to what exactly is recorded and whether it professional enough. Don’t let your voicemail leave you without job.

5. Lazy words

The process of writing an outstanding resume is not an easy task. That’s why, there are too many job seekers, trying to use “lazy words” in their resumes. And you need to know, that hiring manager don’t like them. Furthermore, they interpret them into something like – “That’s his/her job. Why it’s not possible to spend a bit more time to show more details?”

Do you remember such bad things like “etc.” or “the same as listed above”. That’s not the best approach to mention about something in your resume.

6. Resume is like a novel

There is one golden rule for writing a winning resume – it shouldn’t be more than 2 pages. If your resume is too long – nobody have time to read it. You are not the only one candidate. The pool is over. If you didn’t catch hiring manager attention – you simply lose your chance.
Try to include everything to one page. If you can’t – remove useless and less important information from your resume.

7. References

Too many hiring managers wrote about them. Simply, don’t include or remove the phrase from your resume like “references available upon request”. That’s not professional. If they would like to ask your ex-boss, they would easily ask you to provide contact information.

8. Correct phone numbers

There are some resumes with incorrect cell numbers. If you can’t check your phone number, why do you need a resume?

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