HOW Functional Resume 2019 Can Be Winning

Chronological resume format is the most common resume format and widely used by millions of job seekers across the world. Still, it’s not the only one format, which could help you to win a competition across other candidates. In this post, we want to share with you some hidden benefits of functional resume. They can be winning for some job seekers, so relax and let’s deep into details.

Functional resume 2019 – What is that?

Functional resume format comes from the word “functions”. The main focus is on your skills. In other words, nobody cares how impressive was your career path, hiring managers are only looking for specific hard and soft skills.

For some open positions, it’s necessary to have impressive portfolio or proven career path. It’s important to have proven skills to do your job well. That’s what hiring managers are looking for in some candidates and that’s how functional resume could help them to answer on their questions.

Functional Resume Format 2019 Examples

Functional resume example 2019 Functional resume example 2019 Functional resume example 2019 Functional resume example 2019

Functional format of resume 2019 – Pros&Cons

Each resume format has its own benefits, limitations or huge disadvantages. Based on your hard and soft skills, you can show a hiring manager how effective you can be for opened position.

When to use a functional resume

  1. A functional resume could help you to get a position even you don’t have related experience according to position description.
  2. This type of resume format can be a good solution for those candidates, who are jumping from one position to other. For such cases, functional resume format is an outstanding way to hide short-term employment.
  3. Functional resume concentrates on your skills only. That’s what hiring managers are looking in such resume format. That’s your opportunity to hide employment gaps and to conceal some tricky details.
  4. You have proven hard and soft skills. They are proven. That means, that you can sell your skills. This type of resume format was created for such situations, when HRs are looking for skills only.

When Functional resume can be a tricky choice

  1. Hiring managers don’t like functional resume for some reasons. The one and the most common one – job seeker is trying to hide some sensitive information. Those ones, which can probably help HR’s to make the right decision.
  2. It’s hard to see career growth. You show only skills. Soft and hard, maybe some achievements and awards. But how to understand you career path? It’s not possible if it’s not a mixed resume.
  3. Some companies and their HR policies work against functional resumes. From the beginning, they believe that a professional resume should look like a chronological format.

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