Latest Employement tips for 2019

There are some circumstances when you need to find a new job as quick, as it possible. We’re not going to discuss what was happened and why do you need to get employed right now. Today we’re going to share with you some job search tips on how to get employed in days. Most of them could be obvious, but still, if you will follow them – you’ll see proven result pretty fast enough. So, don’t you want to have a try and deep into a “get job in 7 days” race?

2019 tips to get a job

Job Search 2019 Tips to Get Hired Fast

Job Alert subscription

It’s not a secret, that most of job seekers, who are in active job search – visiting job search boards. It’s a great opportunity to scan labor market and to understand who and what is in trend now. Moreover, you could find some great jobs for you as well. But how you will know, if some new vacant positions already posted on such job boards? You wouldn’t if specific job alert wasn’t set up.

How to set up job search alerts. It’s not hard to do. Most job board platforms has such functionality already on board. All you need to have – email and list of keywords. Using keywords, system will understand what kind of position are you looking for and would send you recommended job ads.

Advanced job search filters

Try to visit the most popular job ads aggregator boards like, or others. The core of such job boards – search. If job seeker comes to their website and can’t find what he/she wants, that’s really bad for them. But you are here not to think about somebody’s pain. You are here to solve your issue.

Good example of how it works

advanced filters on job ads boards

Use advanced job ads filters to find what you need!

Open advanced search panel on monster –

Stay more targeted

Stop applying for any job ad you find in job search results. It’s not the best tactic. If you are already using this approach, it’s better to stop doing that!

Be more targeted. If you are a qualified specialist, you have much more chances to get a job you are targeted for. No need to spam hiring managers, if you are 100% sure that nobody would even consider your CV.

Never stop until job offer is in your pocket

There are some cases, when hiring manager contacted. You discussed all details and you are waiting for a final approvement. This moment is really tricky for you. You think, that you already get a new position. But, to be frank, you think that you get a new job. Who knows, if boss would like your resume or some other reason on why they decided to pick other candidates.

What you need to remember – never stop applying process, until you will exactly know your first working day in new company. In other cases, that could be not safe.

Cover letter should be impressive

Try to avoid the same mistakes other job seekers does. They are neglecting to write targeted or impressive cover letter. Using downloaded and buzzed template from job search portals – it’s not the best idea.

If you want to “catch” hiring manager or at least grab their attention – cover letter 2019 should be something like continuation of your resume. You impress and after let them read your resume 2019.

Employment gaps

Sometimes, there are some cases, when job seekers avoid to include any additional information to their resumes. Moreover, it could be an employment gap – and hiring manager could easily notice it. Instead of trying to conceal this fact, you could try to add another additional information to your resume.

First impression

If everything goes right way and they invited you to an interview, it’s really important to dress appropriated. First impression is really matters. You need to show them, that you pay attention to details and trying to look representative.

Stay yourself

Never try to show, that you are somebody else. They would see that and wouldn’t believe you anymore. No fake smiles, bragging, fake achievements. It’s easy to check and understand. You are here to sell yourself, not somebody else.

Don’t even try to “sell” them what you haven’t done before. If they would check that you lied to them, your reputation will be shown not in the best light.

Tell them your story

Interview process was never an easy thing for any of candidates. Some of us get nervous, some are in huge fear, some are in panic. Still, that’s the last milestone, where you have all chances to sell your candidacy to a hiring manager. You need to know how to start.

Don’t try to tell them about what you did and how. The best way to show who you are – to tell a great story about yourself. When you start your career and what were your relevant achievements? If were any challenges, what you did and how you coped with them.

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