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When was the last time you stayed in front of an amazing book, with an outstanding picture on a book cover and you were about to bough it. What has happened with you? You even didn’t know what inside, but you were ready to get it. There is no magic. That’s the way our brain works.

resume 2019 format

All you need to know about how to format your CV according to the latest resume 2019 formatting best practices

First impression is really important. Because your resume is like the same book in a bookshop. They need only to have a look at your resume and feel that it’s what they were looking for. That’s not an easy task! To get what you want, you need to pay a bit more attention to your resume template and some tiny details. Resume format in 2019 matters – sometimes more than resume content. Resume is jobseeker’s marketing document, which follows the only one goal – to be read by hiring managers. Nothing more.

Resume Format 2019 in tiny details

There is no perfect resume. Each is unique with it’s own story, ups and downs, shades, etc. But, depends on how to tell your story, you can turn most of cons into pros. Believe us, hiring managers would read your resume and could say – it looks really professional. Because it’s easy to read and it stored into their memory.

Now we’re going to share with you some resume formatting secrets for 2019, which we decided to show in more detailed way. You could say that, what is listed below is not important at all. And somehow you will be right. But we’re here not because our goal is to change your point of view. We are here to tell more about details. Details, which could make your resume 2019 much easy to read and more attractive to HR. So, if you don’t want even look at this details – easily leave that page. But if you want to get more chances to have your CV read, your welcome.

Resume Font – which is the best

Stand up and look at at your bookshelf. Get the one of your books and open it. Most likely, the font used there is from sans-serif font family. They are easy to read, they are widely used, they are well-known to be recognized by any ATS systems.
Don’t try to wonder hiring manager, using exclusive fonts. There is no need to do that. If you are not the best from the best, most likely they would skip your CV and will open next one. Nobody want to change their habit. Something what was used too many times before and convenient.

Font size is important

As we have already mentioned in our previous posts, free space in your resume is like a gold. None of hiring managers would read your resume, if there are two or more pages. Exceptions are only for federal resume formats, where it’s required. Pay attention to how many content are you going to include and how to put the most important.

According to all listed above, the less font size you are going to use, the better. Seems like that, but you need to think about reader. Have you ever tried to read resume written using 11pt font? It’s really hard!

The best font size for any resume – 12pt.

Bold / Italic / Underlined

Try to keep your resume clean as much as it possible. First of all – it’s important to keep your resume easy to read. In case, if you would like to stress something, you can bold some words or sentence. But it doesn’t mean – you need to bold each word.
The same rules are acceptable for italic and underlined styles.

Header Styles – 15pt

Education, Experience, Skills, Awards – headers is better to highlight somehow. For such cases, the best solution could be the same font, but in 15pt font size. It’s going to be the best option for such cases.
In some cases, especially, when you decided to use custom resume 2019 template, header styles could be the part of resume layout.

First and Last name

The biggest mistake all job seekers does – not stressed enough first and last names. Even your resume is attractive enough and HR is interested in it – your name should be easy to find in resume.
If it’s not possible to understand what is your name during 2 sec. Scanning – you need to completely change that. Use 17pt or bigger resume font.

Resume Template 2019

Feel that you would not cope – use professional resume template. Don’t even try to write resume without professionally made layout. Don’t risk! There are tons of different resume 2019 templates across the job search resources. Use them to enhance your chances to get the job.

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