Student Resume Format 2019

Seems like you have already finished your university, parents are not going to give you any money. Looks like you need to find a new job to get some money. That’s really cool, but where to start? This is the most frequent question all the fresh grads ask.

We have an answer. You need to start from your resume. Anyway, to apply to some positions – you need a professional resume. Without a resume, you have much less chances. It’s a good time to concentrate all your efforts on crafting an outstanding resume 2019 and make it shine like a diamond.

Student Resume 2019 – Myth OR Reality?

Some fresh graduates still believe that it’s not possible to find a good job after you have just finished college or university. It’s hard, because you have no relevant experience and good references. They are fully wrong in their opinion. Tons of huge companies are looking for interns. What’s more, they have special internship programs for such kind of students. And what’s interesting, sometimes students have much more opportunities, compared even with more experienced specialists.

Let’s imagine – a hiring manager call you. After a couple of minutes of conversation, she asked you to send a CV. She expects you have already written resume. Suddenly, you understand that you have no CV at all. You are trying to write something in WORD, trying to figure out who are you and what you can do. THAT’S WRONG IDEA!

You need a well-written professional resume template 2019 for students. Already crafted by a professional resume writer resume, which will be easy to read and good to scan. We suggesting you not to do experiments with format and do not make it over creative. Fresh grad resume 2019 should be as easy, as it possible. All you have at the moment is your degree and couple of lines of your experience. That’s it. Include it in your CV right way.

Resume format 2019 for students. Which one is good?

Some fresh graduates are not looking for easy ways. Some of them are trying to use chronological or functional resume formats. That’s really good opportunity to stand out from a crowd, but only in case, when you have enough content to show to a hiring manager. If you are not sure about which resume format to use, don’t try to make your resume unable to read.

The main benefit of any student resume format – it should be easy to read and not too creative. You don’t need to show HR how good you are, because you can’t be the best after college. You need to show what are your skills, grade list and awards if any. Nothing more.

Student resume template 2019 – Main Sections:

1. Student Cover Letter – this is the one of the most important attributes of any student resume. Cover letter should be written without any mistakes and polished. It’s a good way to impress a hiring manager and to show them your work attitude.

2. Experience. We can expect, that you can not have any experience. Still, there are some students, who has something to write about. If you are the one of them, be ready to include some lines in your CV.

3. Achievements. Already have some? Do not be shy to add some. It’s implicitly an additional value to your resume.

4. Certificates. Maybe you have already passed some courses and ready to share some? It would be really nice to add them into your resume.

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