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Professional Cover Letter is a document, which help job seekers to present or introduce themselves, when they apply to some positions. Cover letter could be a required or not required, depends on the position level.

A polished and professional cover letter would help hiring manager to understand who you are and whether you are a relevant candidate. In other words, a good cover letter even can boost your chances to get a desired position. Before you would plan your cover letter content, you need deeply understand it’s structure.

cover letter 2019

The first and the most important thing here – you need to understand, that a professional cover letter is a kind of art. It would not only describe your achievements, goal and previous experience – it’s more like a candidacy presale document. Due to these reasons, you need to know, how to write and polish it according to the latest standards.

Professional Cover Letter – What Is That?

The main goal of any resume is to show your previous experience and skills, depends on the position level you are applying to. Resume is more about how to show your previous experience and achievements. A cover letter has a bit different purpose. The main goal here is to show your personality, instead of soft or hard skills. The way you present yourself and the way on how you do that.

What does it mean for you? That means, that you would need to bring some extra efforts, because each cover letter should differ one from other. Could you reuse one CL many times? Yes, you can, but it could reduce your chances to get a new position. Crafting a brand new CL, you are trying to tailor your personal and professional approach and position together. You are talking more personal to a hiring manager.

Are there any standard templates or official formats on how to write a cover letter? No, there is NOT. You can write it using any form, but still we recommend you to read this article till the end.

Cover Letter 2019 Structure

Here are some good to highlight sections:

1. Present yourself. Doesn’t matter who you are and what position you would like to obtain, present yourself bright. Hiring manager need to remember you.

2. Tell them more about results. Nobody wants to hear about how you tried to do something. They are looking for proven results. Try to show them proven results in your cover letter.

3. Conclusion. A few words with a clear call to action about what you are going to do next.

What should be included

cover letter 2019 sample

There is no doubt, that you should follow the best practices about what should be inside your cover letter and why such thing could increase your chances to get a job. Anyway, we decided to bring them all together to provide you with the most exciting information about how and what to include to a CL.

DON’T try to fit your autobiography to a CL

Nobody is going to spend time, reading your story. All they need to see hear is the real value. Why you and what value are you going to bring them.

To write an outstanding letter, more experienced hiring managers recommend to follow some easy, but really effective rules, which could help you to boost your chances:

  1. Show what they expect to see. Match the information in your CL with a requirements to job description.
  2. Give them enough believeness into skills.
  3. Tell them truth about your expectations and willingness to work in their company.

“CAN DO” Approach

A problem solver is not a profession. Nobody would believe you until you would show them a proven result. Hiring managers can’t understand how really good you are, until they could see it measured.

Don’t try to convince a hiring manager, that you are the best on the market and how well you can solve any hard issues. Nobody needs to hear their stories. It’s a good idea to show a real case, which you have already solved. The best option could be – you are describing a real situation, and step-by-step telling them how you found the best solution for that case. You sell them your approach. You sell them your professional approach. That’s what they would like to hear from you.

Voice of tone

The biggest mistake you can do – to pick not an appropriate voice of tone. I really don’t know who is going to read your cover letter and what is an internal culture of the company. Maybe it’s really strict and official, or it could be more fun and not so strict.

If you don’t want to do a real mistake, you need to be prepared. Before you are going to write a cover letter, you need to read more about the company. Read more about an internal culture, read some Facebook posts about that company and some reviews. Using that approach, you will be prepared and you will understand what kind of voice of tone you should use.

Tell your story

Don’t even try to lie. You need to be concentrated on your own story, a real story. If you would like to read somebody’s professional cover letters, you would see one interesting dependence – most likely, all of them are written like a story.

Don’t know where to start? Try to write all your experience on a sheet of paper. After that try to understand what were your main achievements and how well you did your job. Are there any awards? Are there any interesting new things, which you could share with your reader? Use this approach when you are going to write your cover letter.

Call to action – must have thing

It’s not about how to beggin a hiring manager to call you. It’s more about how to interest a recruiter about your resume.

Instead of writing such things like: “ please, call me I am the best candidate for this position.”

Try something like that: “ if you would like to hear more information about me and my previous experience, please contact me and I will share with you and information.”

Cover letter template

When you are writing a cover letter, you should remember that you are not the only one, who is going to apply it to a hiring manager. Somehow, you compete for recruiters attention. What does it mean for you? That’s really simple- you need to care about cover letter template. Cover letter layout really matters.

If you’re going to use a professional cover letter template, you would simply increase your chances to be remembered by hiring manager. That’s how it works in real world. Some candidates could use not as good template as you will, in result they would lose a chance attention and lose there chance to get employed this year.

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